Order of Princess Olha

I have been awarded the Order of Princess Olha, by Victor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine.

The state awards of Ukraine are the highest form of honor of the citizens for outstanding achievements in development of economy, science, culture, social sphere, defense of Motherland, protection of man’s constitutional rights and freedoms, state building and public activity, for other services before Ukraine. The state awards are set exclusively by the laws of Ukraine.

The citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons may be decorated with the state awards.

Decorating is conducted by the decree of the President of Ukraine. The recipient gets the state award and the document which certifies decorating thereof.

- the Order of Princess Olha of I, II, III class – to honor the women for distinguished services in state, production, public, scientific, educational, cultural, charity and other spheres of public activity, bringing up children in family

The “bringing up children in family” is an interesting addendum.

Here is the press release.

And here is what the medal looks like:

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Daughter of War


Daughter of War is a gripping story of enduring love and loyalty set against the horrors of Turkey during World War I.

Teenagers Kevork and his betrothed Marta are the lucky ones. They have managed so far to survive the Armenian genocide in Turkey, and both are disguised as Muslims. But Marta is still in Turkey, pregnant with another man’s child. And Kevork is living as an Arab in Syria.
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